Healthcare Management Software


Features include: Scheduling booking and appointments, patient reception and transfer, electronic medical card, online prescriptions, inpatient management, examination charts and medical orders such as: physician order, consultation order, radiology order, laboratory order etc.


Features include: medical services configuration process, custom pricing mechanism, medial case and bills calculation, invoices management, claims management, revenue cycle, and customer card.

Featured Hospitals That Run Vabaco Healthcare Solutions

West Georgia Medical Center
Hospital serves more than 1,200 inpatients, 10,000 outpatients and performs 600 surgical interventions ervery month.
Batumi Referral Hospital
Hospital serves more than 1,000 inpatients and 3,000 outpatients every month.
Isani Polyclinic
Isani Polyclinic is a ambulatory services provider, which offers high tech lab and diagnostic examinations.
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