Project Description

Being the largest integrated healthcare provider in the country, Georgia Healthcare Group identified a need to provide digital services and increase the accessibility of primary care services to the population. The plan was to make an independent, open platform that any party could join and let users receive comprehensive ambulatory services.

Consequently, Digital Healthcare Startup “EKIMO” was established, and its development was entrusted to Vabaco Team. It was built from scratch to MVP by Vabaco. EKIMO is a platform that connects doctors, clinics, pharma stores, and insurance companies with patients/customers. It enables customers to book doctors online or in the clinic, pay consultation fees with cash or by insurance letter, consult doctors online, receive e-prescriptions, buy medicines and get them delivered to your place.


Ruby on Rails, React Native, PostgreSQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, Sidekiq, RabbitMQ, AWS, Redshift, Quicksight


Google Maps, Georgian Card Payments, Google Analytics, AWS, AWS Cloud Watch, Firebase

The results and business impact

– 200K users (out of a population of 3 700 000)

– 1,500 doctors,

– 50 labs

– 300 pharmacy stores.

– Two largest insurance companies in the country.

– 5 000 pharma store orders daily.

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