Medical Billing Software

Project Description

The introduction of the universal healthcare program in Georgia triggered the rapid growth of the healthcare industry. In this dynamic expansion, the market leader, Evex Hospitals, had to comply with the cadence and implement a billing system that could well serve both patients/customers and co-payers. Enable correct charge capture/calculation and invoicing of patients/payers and transparent accounting of receivables and their collection.

Vabaco has created an integrated billing system that enabled Evex Hospitals to register patients, bill state social services agencყ, bill private insurance companies, bill patients/customers, and other payers manage invoicing and adjustment processes, receive payments, and control receivables.


Ruby on Rails, React, MS SQL, Redis, ElasticSearch, Sidekiq, RabbitMQ, AngularJS


JiveX PACS, Georgian Card, Qmatic, PowerBI, NCDC Georgia, ImediL Insurance, GPI Holding Insurance, Various Lab Equipment

The results and business impact

– up to 600 Mln revenue processed annually.

– managing billing of 3 Mln patients and up to 5 000 paying organisations.

– 300 bills processed daily